Breakout Discussions

Tuesday, 19 May | 17:00 – 18:00

Advanced Diagnostics for Infectious Disease

TABLE: Virus Detection – New Approaches for Old and New Viruses
Moderator: Andrea Marzi, PhD, Chief, Immunobiology & Molecular Virology Unit, Laboratory of Virology, DIR, NIAID, NIH, United States

  • Improved sensitivity of assays for known viruses?
  • What samples are the best to look at?
  • Newer and faster platforms for virus detection?
  • Human versus animal samples – diagnostics versus virus hunt
  • Identifying new viruses – assay broadness at the cost of sensitivity and specificity?

TABLE: Developing Point-Of-Care Diagnostics for Antimicrobial Resistance
Moderator: John Hays, PhD, Associate Professor, Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  • What is the current state of affairs (laboratory versus POC Testing)?
  • AMR diagnostics in HIC versus LMICs?
  • How important are diagnostics for AMR in a One Health environment?
  • What is the role and success of prizes and national grant funding?
  • Test specifications, cost and reimbursement issues
  • Other implementation issues

Enabling Technologies for Liquid Biopsy – Part 1

TABLE: The Power of Proteomics in a Post-Genomic World
Moderator: Michael Roehrl, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Pathology and Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, United States

  • Studying drug interactions in vivo
  • A new generation of Precision Clinical Trials (the crucial role of Pathology; optimal specimens for IO trials)
  • Multi-omic data in medicine – how do we make it actionable?

TABLE: Non-Invasive Salivary Diagnostics Tailoring Precision Medicine
Moderator: Chamindie Punyadeera, PhD, Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

  • Why saliva testing
  • Current saliva tests
  • Future of saliva testing

Wednesday, 20 May | 11:35 – 12:35

Point-of-Care Diagnostics

TABLE: Challenges of Commercializing Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Moderator: Oliver Hofmann, PhD, MBA, CEO, SouthWestSensor Limited

  • Engineering & upscaling: from academic lab to diagnostic product
  • How to select the killer application
  • Regulatory and reimbursement – How to navigate through this
  • Investment into diagnostics – How to recover from Theranos

TABLE: The Future of Genetic Testing
Moderator Miron Tokarski, CEO, Genomtech S.A.

  • The prospects for genetic testing in POC
  • Regulatory changes in the EU introduced by IVDR
  • The cost-benefit influence of POC genetic testing
  • Factors influencing adoption of POC genetic testing in clinical facilities

TABLE: Overcoming the Race to the Bottom: Cost per Test versus Value of Diagnostics
Moderator : Till T. Bachmann, PhD, Reader, Personalised Medicine in Infectious Disease; Deputy Head, Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine, Edinburgh Medical School, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  • Reducing the bill of materials
  • Healthcare system drivers
  • Challenge of getting health economics data
  • Impacts of changing regulatory frameworks
  • Behavioural change aspects

Enabling Technologies for Liquid Biopsy – Part 2

TABLE: Exploring Multidimensional Liquid Biopsy Tests
Moderator: Vito Giuseppe D’Agostino, PhD, Group leader, Laboratory of Biotechnology and Nanomedicine, CIBIO, University of Trento, Italy

  • Combination of multiple biological sources for liquid biopsy tests
  • Create validated platforms making clinicians aware of novel breakthrough technologies
  • Creation of networks for paralleling molecular analyses

TABLE: DNA Methylation-Based cfDNA Biomarkers
Moderator: Jason Ross, PhD, Principal Research Scientist, Health and Biosecurity, CSIRO, Australia

  • The future of these biomarkers as liquid-biopsy tests for cancer
  • What about outside of oncology?
  • Bisulfite treatment, it’s the gold standard, but are the emerging alternatives useful for diagnostics?


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19-20 MAY 2020

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